Bring SEL Programming to Your School

Ensuring the social emotional well-being of Black and Brown girls in your school has never been more important. We partner with schools to provide equitable opportunities for leadership development and family and community engagement through our clubs for girls.

Confident Queen Collective works to deeply impact our school partnerships through student-driven programs that center racial equity, classroom community and individual voice.

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Program Components

Our programs promote communication skills, empathy, creative confidence and self-management. Our programs are here to advance the soft-skill growth in your students through incorporating SEL practices and resources.


We offer life changing and transformative programming specifically designed to target the unique challenges black and brown girls face and provide them with the tools and confidence necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Next level

Next Level Confidence Experience are empowerment workshops that focuses on increasing self-esteem and create a sense of sisterhood and support.

National Cultural Exploration Program

Integrate social studies, history and cross-cultural exploration with dance and movement. Through African Cultural Dance, students will gain exposure to the origins and cultural-historic significance

SEL Confidence Curriculum

A fun, engaging, interactive 8-week social and emotional program for middle and high girls to empower them to become the versions of themselves in the classroom and beyond. 




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